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    Post by Max-Chan on Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:17 pm

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    `` ur fucking gay mate ``
    Name: Redpaw || Redsong
             Red - Loyal; strong; brave; reddish fur.
    song - Graceful.
    Age: 9 Moons
    Gender: She
    Rank: Apprentice || Warrior
    Clan: DuskClan
    Appearance: A short-furred, slightly overweight, tall dark ginger she-cat with lighter flicks on her muzzle and dark-almond eyes. She has a bushy tail which has a white tip, long whiskers, long legs, short paws for her legs and height and a peach nose.
    Personality: Redpaw is a kind and emphatic cat, she always takes care of the kits and if anyone says that she should have kits of her own in the future she'll snap back with "No Way!", mainly because she doesn't want to be stuck in the nursery all day. She can be very snappy at times especially with the cat likes - a tsundere if you wish. She likes doing things that she's good at, because she gets quite flustered when she fails at something that 'everyone' else can do; but boasts when she does something right. 

    Skills: (out of 10)
    Fighting - 9
    Hunting - 5
    Climbing - 3
    Running - 4
    Swimming - 1 
    Strength - 3
    Stamina - 4
    Memory skills - 3
    Herb Knowledge -  1
    Social Skills - 6
    (47 Points in total)

    Mother - Heatherfall (FireClan | Mine | Brown w/ Brown eyes)
    Father -  Featherblaze (FireClan | Open | Red w/ Blue eyes)
    Future Mate / Crush - (Open for res)
    Future Kits - Robinkit, Rosekit and Shinekit (DuskClan | Open)
    Littermates - Onepaw (FireClan | Tom | Open | Brown w/ blue eyes), Flamepaw (DuskClan | She | Deceased, Illness? | Red w/ blue eyes),  Dustkit (DuskClan | Deceased, Still-Born | Brown w/ Brown eyes), Duskpaw (DuskClan | Tom | @dusklight)

    Siblings - Skyflower (DuskClan | She | Open), Mousepetal (FireClan | Tom | Open), Doejade (Loner | She | Mine), Fawnkit (FireClan | Tom | Open), Hollykit (FireClan | She | Open)
    Nieces - Yellowkit (Skyflower's Kit | Open), Snakekit (Doejade's Kit | Open | DuskClan)
    Nephew - Talonkit (Skyflower's Kit | Open), Patchpaw (Mousepetal's Kit | Open)


    History: Redpaw would have never thought that her life would change like it did. She was her parents second litter; with originally five kits, Onepaw, Flamepaw, Redpaw, Duskpaw and Dustkit; However only three survived. They almost had a perfect kit-hood. Then, when the cats became apprentices they made a choice to leave DuskClan because they thought living in FireClan would be better for their future kits. Onepaw and Mousepetal decided to go with there parents, promising to meet them at gatherings. Redpaw rejected coming, but she felt it would be weird without Onepaw, but then again she still had Flamepaw, Duskpaw, Doejade and Skyflower. It seemed that life was going to get better for Redpaw, as Doejade was having (open cat)'s kits. But, yet again things changed. Doejade kitted and then went missing. There was good news - Skyflower was having kits of her own. Redpaw wondered if she should have joined FireClan so many moons ago. Moons passed and Skyflower had her kits - she didn't go missing to Redpaw's relief. But Illness had hit the camp and Flamepaw had caught it, and she lost his life to it. Redpaw was sad, but she felt like SoulClan set her on this path so she could learn how to be the best cat she could ever be. Redpaw is very over-protective of the kits in the nursery - and she would never wish any cat the pain she has felt herself. Redpaw always meets Onepaw at gatherings, they have a close bond with each other since they have basically suffered the same problems. 

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