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    Post by Max-Chan on Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:22 pm

    Name:  Kindle - Kindledawn
    Age: twenty two moons
    Gender: she
    rank & clan: loner - nipclan
    Appearance: a tall, lean, thin-furred she with dirt brown fur with tabby markings. Kindle has sage green eyes that shine in the sunlight.  She has long legs perfect for running, adding to her skill. She has claws that hurt when  you get hit but she’s really not that good of a hunter, fighter or climber. You would think a cat with thin fur and tall legs would be good at swimming,  but she’s half scared to death of swimming due to a incident as a kit. She’ll remember if you’ve done something bad or good, but if it’s just normal she’ll forget.
    Personality: Kindle is kind, daring and sarcastic. She can defend herself but she prefers words over claws, however if she has to fight she’ll attempt to climb up a tree and jump on you, even though she knows she can’t climb well; when I said words, I mean if you make her mad she’ll begin to mock you and use your words against you.

    Skills: (out of 10)
    Fighting - 4
    Hunting - 4
    Climbing - 2
    Running - 10
    Swimming - 2
    Strength - 3
    Stamina - 5
    Memory skills - 3

    Mother - dawn 
    Father - snow
    Littermates/siblings - jade(future: jadesnow)
    mate - bluebell
    kits - solar and lunar

    Kit (0-6 Moons): 
    Kindle and Jade, two she cats were born to dawn and snow. Dawn lost her life kitting, due to a loss of blood. Snow was upset but he knew he had to protect his kits. He tried taking them away from the forest where they were born, which meant crossing a river. Snow accidentally dropped Kindle in the river, so he took jade across first and then quickly got Kindle. They found the barn where they live to this day.
    Apprentice (6-12 Moons):
    Kindle and Jade learnt how to hunt and fight, in case. Then some rogues attacked and Snow lost his life. Jade attacked the rogues while Kindle protected her father. They grieved but they remembered how dawn had passed away and snow had still taken care of them.
    Warrior/Queen (12-Present):
    Kindle though everything was going to get better. They met two other loners, bluebell and tawny. They were like a rogue group except they didn’t have a issue with the clans. Jade and Tawny became mates and soon after bluebell and kindle did. Kindle found out she was having his kits a noon later. Rogues attacked once more and Bluebell lost his life. She had her kits, solar and lunar.

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