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    Post by Max-Chan on Tue Sep 18, 2018 9:41 pm

    Name: Lynxflower
    Age:30 Moons
    Clan: nipclan

    Appearance:Lynxflower is a short furred grey cat with a darker grey underbelly and long whiskers. He has Hazel/Brown eyes,And a white sock on his left paw.He has a short tail

    Personality: Lynxflower is a kind and caring cat. He loves helping his clan. He is very bossy to his apprentice, which could be a good thing (but it's not). He is also adventurous, making him a cat who can never sit still oustide camp. He loves to see new places.

    Skills: (out of 10)
    Fighting - 5
    Hunting - 6
    Climbing - 5
    Running - 3
    Swimming - 2 
    Strength - 10
    Memory skills - 7 

    Mother - Silverfire ~ Dead
    Father - Lilyshadow ~ Dead
    Littermates/siblings - Poppypaw ~ Dead
    Mentor - Jadefire (Dead) 
    Current Apprentice - (open)
    Former Apprentices - Ivypool (Closed,Alive)

    History: Lynxflower was born in Silverfire and Lilyshadow of Duskclan. He was an average kit,He was very liked. He became a apprentice to Jadefire, a cat who was too lazy to care and train him. Lynxflower would have to train with Poppypaw,His Sister. Things went smoothly until before his warrior ceremony. Jadefire said he did okay,giving Lynxflower A bit of dis credit. He has served the clan through many battles and got Ivypaw as a apprentice. He then taught Ivypool how to be a great warrior and is a respected member of Duskclan


    Name: Ivykit ~ Ivypaw ~ Ivypool
    Age: like 20? Moons
    Rank: Apprentice 
    Clan: nutclan
    Appearance: Ivypool is a slender,soft-furred, silver-and-white tabby she-cat, with white paws, a white belly and face, a striped silver tail, sliced ears, and dark blue eyes.

    Personality: She is determined and strong. She is was always envious  of  (insert cat here). She hates seeing cats get hurt and tries to help whenever she can. She hates seeing cats getting hurt and its always suspicious of new people to the clan

    Skills: (out of 10)
    Fighting - 9
    Hunting - 6
    Climbing - 4
    Running - 5
    Swimming - 4
    Strength - 9
    Memory skills - 5

    Mother -  Silverfire (Alive,Open)
    Father -  Doveflame (Alive,Open)
    Mate: Graycloud (aqua)
    Apprentice: Nightpaw (Alive, Open)

    Ivykit was born to two loyal duskclan warriors. She would always join in activities with the other kits and was the kit who would sneak out of camp the most. She got giving Lynxflower, 'the bossiest mentor everr' in Ivypaw's opinion. She was friends with a kit, Nightkit, who shared her mischivousness and tried to make Graypaw and her become mates. She always got in trouble with Lynxflower, and thought she would never become a warrior. But she did, somehow. She now is a loyal and respected warrior of Duskclan


    B A S I C S
    Name:Daisyflower (Formerly Daisypaw and Daisy)
    Age: 20 Moons
    Rank: Warrior 

    L O O K S
    Appearance: Deep black fur with yellow eyes, short hair, normal height and weight and a white spot over her left eye. She is thin-furred. She is missing a big patch of skin over her right eye.

    B E H I N D  T H E  C A T
    Personality: Daisyflower is a kind, caring and strict cat(like mothers lol). She loves taking care of everyone/Everything because of her past. If a cat threats her She she will run for her life as she thinks they will hurt the ones she loves. Although She is very obsessive of her family, She is very corrupt due to her past.
    fighting 6
    hunting 5
    climbing 3
    running 9
    swimming 8
    strength 5
    memory skills 7

    F A M I L Y  A N D  H I S T O R Y
    Family: Flower (Mother/Dead,killed by fox) 
    Spark (Father/Dead,killed by fox)
    Thornpaw(Foster Kit/Closed,Alive)
     Brair (Littermate/Dead,Killed by rouge)

    History:She was born and grew up in a broken community (Her Mother was very corrupt),  she lived happily until she was about 7 moons old, but at that point everything changed. She lost her Littermate in a terrible disaster (Cat killed her) She got a big patch of skin ripped off.She ran for her life and bumped into a Waterclan Patrol. They took her back too camp to see what Sandstar would say, Sandstar took her in out of pity

    While perused by strangers (Waterclan,she is still learning the ways of the clans) she had to survive in a outlandish world. But with her courage and strength, she managed to train to perfection and start a new life. This has turned her into the cat she is. By doing so, she hopes to find some form of redemption and finally find joys and comforts of life she has never had.


    b a s i c s
    name ; Jadekit ~ Jadepaw ~ Jadespirit
    age ; 19 Moons
    gender ; She
    clan ; Titclan
    rank ; Warrior
    description ; Jadepaw has Slick Greyish-Black Short Fur with Light Green Eyes.She has long whiskers,unlike her sibling's. She also has a Normal-ish tail,She has a normal weight and height. She has a grey-black nose that is invisible due to her pelt.
    skills ; out of ten 
    Fighting - 6
    Hunting - 4
    Climbing - 3
    Running - 6
    Swimming - 3
    Strength - 8
    Memory skills - 3
    Stamina - 2

    b e h i n d t h e c a t
    personality ;  Jadespirit is a short-tempered cat, who is obnoxiously loyal to her Clan since she is half-BrightClan. She hates when cats call her names,or others in general. She stands up for cats that she thinks are in the right,although this can get her in huge trouble. She gets in trouble alot, due to her being slightly ignorant.
    history ; Crystalflicker met Firepelt at a gathering,It was love at first site After the gathering,They chose to met up,After a bit Crystalflicker fell pregnant, Firepelt was overjoyed. Jadespirit, Lapisheart,Topazblaze and Sapphirenose were born at some crystal,which is what gave them there names .But they where half-clan,So the kits were split up. Topazblaze, Lapisheart & Jadespirit went stayed in duskclan,and Sapphirenose went to Brightclan. Jadespirit was a popular kit, Liked by most. She trained her best and gained her name and is a respected warrior
    r o m a n t i c s
    crush ; Ivypool
    mate ; idek
    kits ; no
    kin ; Grandma - Blossompetal (Alive,Open {Pinkish White Cat + Brown eyes})
    Grandpa - Ravenwing (Alive,Open {Black + green eyes})
    Nan - Bluefur (Alive,Open {Bluestar's pelt + eyes})
    Pop - Frostlily (Dead {Was Brightclan,Course of Death = Old Age})
    Mother - Crystalflicker (Alive,@/Daisyleap {Crystal white + fair blue eyes})
    Father - Firepelt (Alive,Open {Firestar pelt + Green eyes})
    Step Mother - Lilyfall (Dead {Course Of Death = Fox}
    Littermates/siblings - Abysswind (Alive,Open {Black pelt + amber eyes}) Topazblaze (Alive,@open) Lapisheart (Alive,@open) Sapphirenose (Alive,@open)
    m i s c.
    sexuality ; Gay/Lesbain
    Favourite Prey ; Rat
    Favourite Season ; Leaf-Bare
    Favourite scent ; Duskclan
    Zodiac ;  Virgo (24/8/16)

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