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    Post by Frostlily on Wed Oct 18, 2017 12:44 pm

    'Don't think medicine cats can hunt and talk like you warriors? Try me. Just try me'
    7 moon tom, WaterClan
    Medicine Cat Apprentice

    Appearance: Firepaw is a tall russet tom with small dark red/brown stripes. He has white paws and a white underbelly. He has light green eyes. To add to everything, Firepaw has a long, fluffy ginger tail.

    Personality: Firepaw is a snappy cat, challenging the words of others quickly and easily. He is usually bad tempered but under all of his anger, he cares for the whole clan and treats them all like family(aka yelling at them). He sometimes regrets not being able to have mate and kits of his own, but he is willing to give that up for the future of his clan.

    Fighting- 4/10
    Hunting- 5/10
    Basic Senses-6/10
    Intelligence- 8/10
    Memory skills-9/10
    Herb knowledge-6/10(still learning)
    Social skills-3/10

    History: Like most other kits, Firepaw wanted to be a warrior then a leader. He was the most ambitious of his siblings, Graykit and Skykit, and was determined to get his dream. But as he grew older, he became interested in medicine and speaking to SpiritClan. He never thought he would be a medicine cat so he continued on with his dream until his naming ceremony came. He became a medicine cat apprentice which made him angry but he got used to it.

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    Firepaw              Empty Re: Firepaw

    Post by Max-Chan on Wed Oct 18, 2017 1:55 pm

    ironic name  Firepaw              1993007764

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